Mechanical Repair and Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Many like to think that maintenance only involves mechanical issues. Maintenance can be any issue from under the hood, worn suspension parts, dirty fluids, to oil changes. The list can go on and on. At Auto Truck Service maintenance involves any issue or concern the customer has from bumper to bumper. Cosmetically or mechanically, exterior or interior, Auto Truck Service will correct the issues all under one roof. Rest assured that our competent, certified auto mechanic will be working on your vehicle.

Tune Ups

As automotive technology progresses the term “tune up” is starting to lose its exact meaning. What used to be a carburetor fuel adjustment and spark plug replacement is now a lot more involved. The latest diagnostic equipment and software programs are used at Auto Truck Service to provide accurate and effective “tune ups”. Mechanics have the ability to watch real time data to determine the health and operation of the auto vehicle.

Brake Service

Arguably the most important topic on any vehicle, the brake system is what allows a vehicle to slow a large amount of mass down to a complete stop from rather high speeds. From drum brakes to disc brakes, they both will need service. Brake pads, calipers, rotors and many other items will wear as mileage and time increases. If there is anything that should be maintained properly, it is the braking system. The auto mechanics at Auto Truck Service will replace your brakes back to new, once you leave our shop you will be stopping as smooth as ever.

Transmission Service

Transmission fluid flushing, full transmission replacements, remanufactured transmissions, clutch replacement or transfer case issues are all common occurrences at one point in time for almost any vehicle. Auto Truck Service can get you back on the road shifting smoothly. No need to go to a specialized transmission shop, our mechanics can repair or replace whatever fault your drivetrain may be experiencing.

Engine Service

The complexity of engines in the last decade has been increasing exponentially. Turbochargers, direct injection, cylinder deactivation and numerous other methods of reducing emissions and increasing efficiency are the heartbeat of the automotive market currently. We have the proper tooling, training, certified technicians and knowledge to overcome and fix any issues your engine might encounter.

Suspension Service

Living in Minnesota strains your suspension more than almost anywhere else. Potholes, washouts and inconvenient weather are the norm here. Ball joints, struts, shocks, tie rods, control arms and bushings are constantly taking punishment to keep you safe and in control. Once these items start to wear you may notice a loose steering wheel, excessive body bouncing or body roll, this is when it is time to get your vehicle inspected. Mechanics will check for a loose steering wheel, uneven and excessive tire wear, or steering components with excessive play. If you are experiencing any of these, chances are something is wearing out and is due for service.

Electrical Service

Often times a check engine light will lead to further diagnosis into the electrical system of your vehicle. Sometimes simple, but rarely, certified auto mechanics, diagnostic tools and wiring schematics help pinpoint the issues effectively getting you back on the road with all those dash lights off.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments are a crucial part to vehicle safety and drivability. All alignments are done in house using the latest laser alignment technology. Making sure your caster, camber, toe and other important measures are within spec will ensure proper operation, longer service intervals and a nicer overall driving experience. We also align vehicle coming from our collision repair shop.

Tire Mounting/Balancing

Auto Truck Service provides tire services including patching nail holes, full tire replacements, tire rotations and tire balancing. Tires are the only part of the vehicle you hope ever touches the ground, they are what keep you on the road and in control.


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