Fleet Service


Auto Truck Service Co. has an extensive fleet maintenance program that is currently trusted by over 15 commercial fleets in the metro area. Our management works closely with fleet managers to design a maintenance system that works best for their company. Complete maintenance records are kept and managed on each vehicle in the fleet. Please contact us with any questions regarding our fleet maintenance program or to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Auto Truck?

  • Timely and efficient services to ensure as little downtime as possible.
  • Currently service 15 + commercial fleets in the Minneapolis area.
  • Complete service records kept on each vehicle.
  • Special incentives offered to fleet accounts.
  • Secured parking lot.


  • Fleet priority to ensure least amount of downtime
  • Current experience serving more than 15 commercial fleets
  • Comprehensive service records maintained on each fleet vehicle
  • Special fleet incentives available
  • Secured parking lot